Chiropractic Works

“I am extremely pleased with my results. I believe that Chiropractic has definitely helped me. I would encourage everyone to learn more about Chiropractic!”

Heidi S

Improve Your Overall Health With Chiropractic Care

“I recommend Chiropractic examination and possible treatment to anyone. I lead an active life am in excellent physical condition, yet Drs. Grace and Dave identified some spinal adjustments for my optimal health.

At present I am aware of three improvements from my Chiropractic treatment. First, I an experiencing less discomfort with my sciatic nerve. Second, my stomach tolerates spicy foods far better. Third, I am more aware of body signals: bones, muscles and nerves, helpful for a jogger!

My experience and benefits demonstrate the loving and professional care provided by Drs. Dave and Grace. I recommend them highly!”

Dennis B.

Chiropractic Care For Kids

“Since the time my son was a baby, who is now 9, he had been a crier. He was very sensitive and wept at the drop of a hat. Dr. Grace recommended adjustments. I was not too open to my little boy getting adjusted, because I thought, like probably many others, that kids didn’t need it.

I was wrong! Since starting Chiropractic adjustments…He is much better. He doesn’t cry as often and overall is feeling better emotionally and physically.”

Irene H.

Chiropractic Eased My Stress

“Since I started Chiropractic Care, approx a year and a half ago, with Dr. Dave and Dr. Grace I have noticed incredible changes in my body, mind and spirit.

I feel much more free of stress and tension, which allows me to be more spontaneous in all I do. Chiropractic Care has been a tremendous Blessing to me. I look forward to my visits!”

James B.

Chiropractic Helped Colic

“My two children and I started visiting Dr. Dave and Dr. Grace three weeks after the birth of my son when he was showing some colic symptoms. The adjustments seemed to help him. I feel our overall health has improved since we have been coming.

My son is now 13 months, has never been on antibiotics. I KNOW that is a result of being checked and adjusted regularly.”

Amy H.

Chiropractic is For More Than Pain Relief

“I wish I had understood my body before like I do now. I would definitely have gone to a Chiropractor to stay healthy, not just for pain relief.”

Lenora S.

Chiropractic Helped My Anxiety and Depression

“I came to Vitality Chiropractic because I suffered from anxiety and depression. I also had upper back pain and headaches. A while back I was in a motor vehicle accident and never felt the same again.

When I was stressed (which was all the time), I would get a burning feeling in the upper and middle part of my back. I had decreased motivation and didn’t enjoy my life!

I am not a person to take medications. but that was just what the MD’s wanted to always give me. Every time I went in, they would give me something to take and say, ”Try this”. I knew of a better option. I came to Dr. Dave and Dr. Grace because I knew about Chiropractic. I used to work here at Vitality Chiropractic and I remembered how good I felt when I was getting adjusted regularly.

Since getting regular care again, I have more motivation and am more positive. My upper back pain is definitely better – there is no more burning. When I have lots of tension (which is rare now), I will feel something. Also, there are no more headaches.

I am surprised at how much improvement I have had over the last year. Before, I would have a negative thought and it would just stay with me. Now, when I get a negative thought I have enough strength to push it away. My fiance’ has noticed the improvement in me. Chiropractic has also improved my relationship with him. We are able to do more together since I feel so good now.

I tell my kids and friends about Chiropractic. I knew I wanted to get my kids under care. My son had developed “twitches” and some anxiety. He recently started care and now they are almost gone.

We all love coming to see Dr. Dave and Dr. Grace!”

Allison W.

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