What Can I Expect?

Your First Visit

Your first visit to Vitality Chiropractic San Jose CA will be all about you! You will find our office to have a warm, caring environment. Our main focus being to get to the bottom of your health concerns. Please fill out your paperwork before you visit our office then during your first visit you will sit down with the doctor to discuss your case in detail.

Then you will receive a thorough examination, including Chiropractic, orthopedic and Neurological tests. Finally, if your condition requires it, you will receive x-rays. Plan on this visit taking as much as an hour.

Our primary objective for this visit will be to find out what’s wrong and if we will be able to help.

Your Second Visit

You will return for your second visit, usually the very next day, to sit down again with the doctor and receive your Report of the Doctor’s Findings. This is when you will find out the answer to, what are likely, your four most important questions; What’s wrong? Can we help? How long will it take? and How much will it cost?

After your report, if we are able to accept you for care, you will receive your first gentle, specific Chiropractic adjustment and start on your road to less pain and better health!

Regular Chiropractic Visits

We understand that everyone’s time is important. Your time is just as much so as ours!

So, we keep your appointment times short. Our ‘No Wait’ policy means that a typical office visit with us takes just 5-10 minutes, door-to-door. That way, whether you need just a few visits or your needs are greater, your time commitment will be low.

Call our San Jose Chiropractor Office to begin chiropractic care today!

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